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Illinois Jack Lives Here Night Light 3D Illusion Lamp Home Bar Decor

Illinois Jack Lives Here Night Light 3D Illusion Lamp Home Bar Decor

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This is a very amazing gift, perfectly for decoration of home bar, man cave, etc. According to popular beer logo design, using the most advanced 3D carving technology, the curves and textures on the designed acrylic board truly depict those vintage bar pub atmosphere, like bud light, budweiser, etc.


Build in 4 Mode. You can select your favorite color and make it fixed. You also can select the 7-color changing modes to see the different visual feeling that the anime lamp brings to you, create a comfortable and romantic atmosphere. You and your family really can't miss it.



Light panel material: Optical Acrylic

Light base material: Wooden

Power spend: 0.012kw.h/24 hours

Average LED life span: 30000 hours

Voltage: 5V

Power supply: By connecting USB interface

Light color: Red→GreenBlueYellowCyanPurpleWhite

Dimensions: 20*15*4.5 (cm)


Instructions for 4 Mode:

1. Press the button to switch on the night light. On each pressing, you can change 7-single color to show.

2. When the last color(White) is shown on the night lamp, to press again, the light will enter the mode 2 of color-changing automatically and loop.

3. By pressing the button in the mode 2, the night lamp will change to mode 3, color fade out and loop.

4. By pressing the button in the mode 3, the night lamp will then change to mode 4, 7-color change automatically but dimmed in between each color change.


Package included:

1 x Beer pub night lamp with USB cable

1 x Cleaning wipe