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NFL RAVENS Neon LED Sign Home Decor Bar

NFL RAVENS Neon LED Sign Home Decor Bar

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We were inspired to find a way to bring this RAVENS handmade neon art home in a way that's beautiful, affordable, built to last and fun!

Since neon tubing is prohibitively expensive, we found an LED alternative that looks just as cool, but is cost-effective and easy to display. Now you can bring that look home to reflect your taste, your space and your personality.

- Extra Resistant 

These led signs are made of flexible tubing. Unlike traditional neon signs our signs are virtually indestructible, you don't have to worry about it breaking.

- Easy to Install

Comes with holes and screws for easy installation. Low Voltage USB Input, works with any USB port of PC, Power Bank, Battery Box, or 5V 1A/2A USB adaptor.

- Low energy consumption

Our LED Neon signs are 80% more efficient than traditional neon signs. Meaning you can enjoy your sign without worrying about the bill for about 30 years (5h/day at full intensity ~ 50,000 hours)

- NO Noise and NO Heat emission

95% of the energy consumed by LEDs is transformed into light and only 5% into heat. Which means your sign will never get hot.

Size: 15.8 x 3.3 x 0.6 inches
Input voltage: 110V-240V
Base plate material: Acrylic
Base plate color: transparent
Installation method: screw and chain installation
Use place: indoor